Pontine Islands & Pompeii - Italy
Sat 2nd - Sat 9th Sep 2023

The Pontine Islands

This is an attractive archipelago off the Italian coast south of Rome. These islands offer secluded anchorages, pristine beaches, fascinating archaeological sites and rich Roman history all in the warm waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea.


Our adventure starts on the island of Procida which is a ferry ride away from Naples, the birthplace of pizza.  After flying to Naples it will be necessary to spend the night there before taking a 45 minute ferry ride to Procida where the yachts are based.



You will arrive in the main port of Marina Grande which is an
authentic fishing village with multi coloured houses lining the
waterfront.  The yachts are based in the adjacent marina.

Just a 15 minute walk away is the island’s oldest fishing village,
Marina di Corricella which can only be reached by boat or on foot. Not surprisingly the local restaurants feature fish freshly caught by local boats.

A walk up to Terra Murata (the walled land) takes you to a fortified
medieval prison which was transformed from the Royal Palace in 1830. From here there are panoramic views of the entire Gulf of Naples. Although the prison closed in 1998 this is the cultural and historical centre of the island.  This might explain why is the island was Italy’s Capital of Culture in 2022.


Known by some as “Capri without the tourists” this is the largest of the Pontine Islands.  It is formed from the remains of a caldera rim from an extinct volcano.

It is thought that the island takes it’s name from the Latin word “pontia” which means “land of bridges” as Pontia has many natural arches and bridges in it’s landscape.  The island is also well known for its Blue Grottoes which were created by the Etruscans.


Ponza Harbour


This is a slice of paradise and possibly the most enchanting island  in the archpelago. 

Ventotene was first inhabited during Roman times when Emperor Augustus had a big holiday villa there.  Roman remains still abound with piers and wharves still visible in the port alogside their 21st century counterparts. A tour of the Roman cisterns provides an interesting excursion.

But the island has a more recent claim to fame.  In 1941 the Ventotene Manifesto was written here, a document which is considered to be one of the most important documents in the founding of the European Union.


Sailing Conditions

Winds are generally light in the summer blowing from SW-SE,  F2-5 in the afternoons dying down at sunset.


Pompeii & Vesuvius

In AD 79 Mount Vesuvius errupted and buried Pompeii in up to 6m of volcanic ash.  The event froze the city in a moment of time and now the
excavations provide a unique snaphot of Roman life.  The buildings, art and people can now be observed as everyday life suddenly stopped.

By extending your stay you can spend a day or two before or after the sailing to see these legendary local sites.  Pompeii is just 15 miles from Naples and Herculaneum, possibly better preserved than Pompeii, is just 6 miles away.  The Circum Vesuviana railway provides a good way of seeing the ruins as well as the volcano which caused their demise.

More information can be found here https://www.sundowners.org.uk/naples/


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Aragonese Castle - Ischia © EdFladung

Important Trip Information

Embarkation: 1700 onwards on Sat 2 September 2023

Set sail: 1000 on Sun 3 September 2023

Arrival Back in Procida: 1700 on Fri 8 September 2023

Disembark: 0900 on Sat 9 September 2023

The Sundowners member price of the trip for the yacht charter is £700 which includes the following:

Basic Yacht Charter

Not included in the sailing event price are: flights, transfers, outboards, personal insurance, victualling, meals ashore, diesel, bed linen, end cleaning, water, mooring fees and any personal expenditure.

Landing fee in Ventonene (1.5 Euros per person) 

Yacht Insurance (43 Euros per day per boat)

Note: Mooring fees can be expensive

The Club’s standard terms and conditions apply.  In summary:

  • Paying your deposit commits you to the trip and to paying all payments as and when required.
  • If you withdraw from an event you are still liable for the full cost unless a replacement participant is found.
  • If a replacement is found there will be an admin charge made for the change of participant.
  • You agree to bear the shared cost of any security deposit loss levied by the charter company for damages.

Additionally you should be aware of the Club’s Covid Policy and the requirements for participation in the event.

The full cost of the deposit is 3000€ per boat.


Return flights to Naples are available from London with British Airways for around £236.

Do not book flights until advised to do so by the event organiser.


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1st February 2023
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