The Cape Verde Isles
4 – 11 Dec 2021

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The Cape Verde Islands

Yet another new destination for Sundowners. Cape Verde or Cabo Verde, officially the Republic of Cabo Verde, is an island country spanning an archipelago of 25 islands, 9 of which are uninhabited. Every island has a character all of its own that begs to be explored. 10 of the islands are volcanic providing spectacular landscapes.

The Cape Verde Islands are situated just north of the equator and 400 miles west of Dakar on the African coast. A tropical yet dry climate, volcanic landscapes and an intriguing colonial heritage makes the Cape Verde Islands a fascinating area to explore.

Cape Verde Location © Vaerdion

Cape Verde Location © Vaerdion


The Cape Verde diet is mostly based on fish and staple foods like corn and rice.

A popular dish served in Cape Verde is Cachupa, a slow cooked stew of corn (hominy), beans, and fish or meat. A common appetizer is the pastel which is a pastry shell filled with fish or meat that is then fried.


A pleasantly tropical destination, the Cape Verde islands benefit from average annual temperatures of between 24°C and 30°C. In December the average temperature is 27°C. Cape Verde offers long, uninterrupted sunshine hours and low humidity making it a very comfortable warm destination. Cape Verde is one of the driest countries in the world.

The winds pick up between November and March so there should be some good winds for sailing. Average winds for December are F3 – F5.

This is the Atlantic of course so anything can happen.

Calhau Cape Verde © Rainer Strehl

Calhau Cape Verde © Rainer Strehl

Mindelo Festival ©Caroline Granycome

Mindelo Festival ©Caroline Granycome


Starting at Mindelo, where our yachts are based, we will explore the northern (windward) islands of the Cape Verde archipelago.

Santo Antão is an island with towering green peaks, fertile crators and cliff hanging towns.

São Vicente Island is the home of Cape Verde’s greatest musicians, writers and thinkers. Mindelo is the hub of the island with great nightlife and a lively buzz of music throughout the bars and restaurants.

San Luzia Island has a rugged north coast with beaches and dunes on the south side. Now uninhabited, it is a place to get away from it all and get in touch with your inner Robinson Crusoe.

Itinerary cont…

Ilhéu Branco and Ilhéu Raso Islands are both uninhabited islands with rough coastlines and choppy seas. To be admire from a distance as we make our way to São Nicolau.

The sleepy island of São Nicolau is relatively untouched by tourism, but its spectacular scenery makes it a worthy addition to our island hopping tour.

Mindelo - São Vicente © Mickaël T

Mindelo - São Vicente © Mickaël T

Important Trip Information
The Cape Verde Islands

Embarkation: 1600 onwards on Sat 5 December 2020

Set sail: 1000 on Sun 5 December 2020

Arrival Back in Mindelo: 1700 on Friday 10 December 2020

Disembark: 0900 on Saturday 12 December 2020

The Sundowners member price of the trip for the yacht charter is £400 which includes the following:

Yacht Charter

Not included in the sailing event price are: end cleaning, flights, transfers, personal insurance, victualling, towels, meals ashore, diesel, water, mooring fees, and any personal expenditure.

Please note the low charter cost is reflected in the yachts being slightly older than we would normally use but they are well maintained.

The Club’s standard terms and conditions apply. Full details can be found here but in summary:

  • Paying your deposit commits you to the trip and to paying all payments as and when required.
  • If you withdraw from an event you are still liable for the full cost unless a replacement participant is found.
  • If a replacement is found there will be an admin charge made for the change of participant.
  • You agree to bear the shared cost of any security deposit loss levied by the charter company for damages.

The full cost of the deposit is 4000€ per boat.


Return flights to São Pedro via Lisbon are available from London for approx £550 – £600 with TAP Air.

Do not book flights until advised to do so by the event organiser.

Payment Schedule

PaymentDue DateAmount
Mid Payment1 March 2021£150
Final Payment1 August 2021£100
Total Cost£400


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