Covid Policy 

Our events involve sharing a confined space and this document outlines the measures we are taking to minimise the risks as far as Covid is concerned.

Initially this policy refers to overseas events and we will address UK events at a later date.

An unvaccinated person is more likely to catch Covid and if they do will, most likely, be badly affected. This would probably result in termination of the cruise and certainly disruption whilst the ill crew member is put ashore. This is not to say that a vaccinated person cannot catch the virus, as indeed they can, but the symptoms are likely to be considerably less severe.  The fact is that having vaccinated and unvaccinated people in a confined space is not a level playing field and as a club we need to consider everyone’s interests.  A case of Covid aboard could jeopardise a nice holiday. 

We have taken medical advice and our policy for overseas trips for the future will be as follows: 

1.  Vaccinated crew will need to present evidence of full vaccination at least 2 weeks prior to departure.  In addition they will need to provide and take a Lateral Flow Test before boarding and on day 3 of the cruise.

2.  Unvaccinated crew will need to present evidence of a NEGATIVE PCR test within 72 hours prior to boarding the yacht.  If a PCR test is required by the airline or country you’re visiting then this will suffice as long as it’s taken within 72 hrs of boarding the yacht.  Additionally, unvaccinated crew will be required to provide Lateral Flow Tests and take one each day after the PCR test, before boarding and on day 3 of the cruise.  

A POSITIVE result at any stage will result in the crew member being put ashore at the nearest port or not being allowed to board at all. 

As we need to share cabins on yachts, vaccinated and unvaccinated crew may need to share the same cabin.  However we believe having taken these precautions the risks are low.  We will not accept bookings for vaccinated or unvaccinated cabins. 

We are taking these measures as a precaution but as Covid is an ever changing situation we reserve the right to update, strengthen or relax them as appropriate. 

31 October 2021