What we do

Each year we organise a number of cruising events abroad where we charter boats and sail as a flotilla.   The calendar includes trips to the Med, less obvious locations like Scandinavia as well as a long haul trip to a more exotic destination. Most trips are 4 or 7 days but the long haul ones are usually 10 days to make the journey worthwhile.

In the UK we charter boats and organise events in locations like the Solent, the West Country and Scotland.

Most members are not boat owners which is why we need to charter. However there are crewing opportunities with those who own their own yachts.

How it works

Members sign up for events at home or abroad and we then book yachts once there’s a skipper and sufficient crew to make a boat viable. The management committee match crews to boats to ensure the available experience is spread evenly. As this is a not-for-profit club, we split the hire costs amongst everybody participating in the event with a small supplement for Club funds.

No experience required

There is a range of experience amongst members but every boat which sails has sufficient experience for a safe passage. We cater for those new to sailing through to our skippers who are excellent coaches and are Yachtmaster qualified.


The annual membership fee is £25 per person by Direct Debit (£29.50 by other means).


Sailing in company is a sociable experience, an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. We meet up every fortnight to discuss upcoming trips, reminisce about recent adventures and share the odd salty sea dog tale! As we are internet based our members are from many places including abroad, however with the majority living in or around London we arrange socials and a meet-up in a central London bar twice a month.


We are affiliated with the RYA and are offering skill builder coaching and training opportunities to informally develop sailing skills in addition to the planned events. We are also offering formal RYA training courses through our reciprocal training partner Ariel Yacht Club which is a recognised RYA training centre.